Hello Ozana,

    I am left rather speechless at the moment with the photos you have sent. In no way was I prepared to feel as moved as I did when I saw them. You are a true artist, one who makes somebody feel something when looking at your art. The photo that pulled biggest on my heart was the one you took of my Dusty Boy, 34 years, and most of them we have spent together. I had tears in my eyes not only seeing his photo (beautiful), but many, many others. You have such an incredible gift as an equine photographer and the ability to transcend it into art. 

   You are a magician with a camera, and a lovely person on top of that.

   Thank you and many blessings to you.

       Dr. Bessie Babits Medicine Wheel Equine Center, LLC

                                   San Cristobal NM

"     Dear Ozana,I just want to thank you for the quality photography that you have provided both Juan Tomas Hounds and my family and horses.We just recently turned a number of your photos into canvas prints,thanks to your reformatting for us, and they now decorate our executive resort rental in Pagosa Springs.I know that your Juan Tomas Hounds photos are being used nationally now and will be used in our annual calendar.Should you ever need a reference , do not hesitate to contact me personally.    " 


                                                                          Applewood Equine Inc.

                                                                           Steve Williams   


" I sent your beautiful photos to the whole hunt. I just love your comments. You are certainly an artist, both visually and verbally.  Juan Tomas Hounds is fortunate to have met you and shared our sport with you. " ~ Jackie Cronenberg  Albuquerque New Mexico


I don't know what to say! I am in tears these photos are SO incredible and beautiful! I can't thank you enough! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!

                                                                Holly Casman ~ Sandia Park , New Mexico

Bacchus ~ Andalusian Stallion


Thank you so much. You have really captured my horses' spirits. You are world class and such an artist. The photo you took of Dusty is priceless, especially at his age.  Photographing horses can be difficult, but you have an incredible eye and understanding of the spirit of the horse. The Southwest region is extremely luck and blessed to have you here!

                            Elizabeth Babbits ,  San Cristobal NM

 " Ozana photographed our Shires and I was extremely pleased with the results. She has the ability to capture the horse and display its qualities extremely well. I was very impressed with her work and would recommend her for any private or professional work that involves horses. I feel very fortunate to have had her on the farm taking pictures as it has allowed me through pictures to communicate better with my clientele.

                   ~ Clark Jenson , Blair Nebraska    www.jensonshires.com                    

  " My family bought me a photo session with Ozana for my birthday. I had just purchased a Missouri Foxtrotter mare and I was so excited to have professional photos of Rain and I. Ozana was wonderful during the photo session. She knew exactly how to position my horse and I to make the most of the setting. The photos were amazing! Thank you so much. I will enjoy the photos from that day for a long time.  "

                                Janice Tichy   Albuquerque NM

               I recently completed a photo shoot with Ozana for Equissenitals of Santa Fe. As a horsewoman and photo enthusiast, working with Ozana was a pleasure for me. I have long admired her photography. During the session I felt confident and relaxed and the time flew by. Best of all were the results: Ozana captures the spirit of the horse, the rider and the bond between them. This session was fashion shoot and Ozana’s keen eye for light, color, texture and composition brought all the elements together beautifully. I highly recommend Ozana. The proof is in her pictures.

                                                             Piar Marks - Santa Fe NM

 " Ozana's ability to capture stunning equine photo moments of my longers; while shooting candidly at the 2013 New Mexico State Fair has given me the greatest respect for her heart, her work, and her profession. " ~ Judy Fithian

" Ozana Photography took a picture of my horse Blazing Hot Patriot (and me) at a Buck Brannaman clinic at The Trinity Ranch in Santa Fe .  What makes it so special to me is that it shows Patriot`s softness, loyalty, and his enormous patience through the expression of his eye when working with me. A very simple moment of training became a beautiful piece of art and gives me a new perspective of my horse while working. It helps me to never lose respect for his uniqueness and his friendship. The price is absolutely appropriate considering this awesome result. The picture will always have a special place in our house."                                                          ~ Fabian Saak ~ Alamogordo New Mexico

 "Ozana is one of the most talented photographers I know. She has a special ability to see an object and take it to higher artistic level. I've followed her work for the past couple of years and am continually amazed at the creativity and way she can capture the true nature of her subject. Highly recommended! "                                                                  

                                                                     --Richard Beal  , Lamy New Mexico


 " I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how impressed I am with your photos. The photos taken of my daughter were while she practiced vaulting and while she played at the stables. They are wonderful. I was so impressed I purchase each of the photos taken of my daughter. Paying with Paypal was so easy and now I have wonderful digital photos of my daughter and have had them printed in a couple different sizes . I can't thank you enough. "

                                                        ~ Diana Batista ~ Albuquerque NM

" Ozana, thank you so very much for the beautiful photos!! You have the amazing ability to capture the beauty of a horse and woman’s relationship…to see tenderly into their souls, the touching connection they share and the essence of that special timeless love. You are extremely professional, yet very personable and patient, which adds to the enjoyment of the sessions. The photos have a stunning, artistic quality that I will forever treasure. I simply cannot thank you enough for everything!    "                                                     

                                       ~ Janet Erickson ~ Rio Ranchos NM

       Hi Ozana,

       I just wanted to let you know how OBSESSED I am with your photography. You're the best photographer I have EVER seen and your work is absolutely stunning. What a role model you are! If you ever need any help at all, PLEASE let me know. It would be such an honor. You are so very talented!

      Thank you for everything you do,

                                                           Sarah  Luiz , Santa Fe NM

             Thank you again for the remarkable photographs of our two mares, Cheyenne and Chili. Even though we spend many hours with them every day, we didn't realize how truly beautiful they are until we saw the amazing professional photographs you took. You managed to capture perfectly the calm wisdom of the 17 year old, and the youthful curiosity of her lively companion, a five year old mini. We've taken dozens of pictures of them over the years but they've never come out well, so we appreciate how difficult equine photography is. You made it look easy and the session was fun and engaging for all of us. The mini looked for your car for a long time after you left.

                  Bill & Doris  Longhurst   Santa Fe, NM

    Ozana had taken some photos of a horse I lease that really impressed me so I hired her to take photos of my elderly mare. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out because my mare isn’t very active anymore so it’s hard to get many dramatic shots of her. I was really pleased with the quality of the photos of my mare and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a photographer.

                      Cindy Chreist , Los Ranchos NM


     I had visited your website some time ago and was very impressed! I just went there again and am completely blown away! What joy you have in doing something you deeply love! And to bring such joy and satisfaction to your clients, as witnessed by their testimonials! You delight and inspire with your wonderful art and craft.  ~ Jack Kouth , Omaha NE

" Thank you for taking these great photos at Youth Nationals. I just ordered all the photos of Amara Spizzirri and Take A Spin. I especially like the emotion you captured of Amara and her dad. It is a very special photo, just after her win. It was her dads first time to youth nationals and I am glad you captured this moment. also, your website was a breeze to use!!! "

                                                                                     Miriam Spizzirri