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Commercial Licensing

       If you would like to use one of Ozana Photography's Photos in an ad for your horse or ranch, either in print or on the web, you will need to purchase a COMMERCIAL LICENSE. Commercial Licensing is the legal ability to reproduce an image for a commercial purpose. To use an image without such is a violation of Federal US Copyright Laws. The purchase of a physical print DOES NOT include any form of commercial licensing. Ozana Photography offers two ways to gain a commercial license for an image. You can purchase a license for an image at $75 per image. The purchase provides you with the correct digital file to reprint and use in your personal AND commercial needs as you choose. You will receive a signed authorization indicating you have purchased those rights. At no time can any image be used without this authorization. Absolutely NO scanning allowed of our images. This is a copyright offense and is punishable by law. Please note, our pricing is 1/4 the rate of other professional photographers for commercial use. The other way to obtain such a license is to have us come to your ranch or place of business and have a special session that includes the commercial license as an addendum to the contract paperwork.

         With a Commercial Licensing Ozana Photography grants you a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the accompanying image(s) for permitted commercial purposes, defined as:

   ◾advertising, promotion, brochures, packaging

   ◾as part of a commercial website for promotional purposes (maximum 800x600 pixels) use

   ◾prints, posters, flyers, tearsheets for promotional purposes (not for resale)

   ◾prints, posters, or other commercial display of Media 

   ◾magazines, books, newspapers, other printed publications

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     Recently we've added a  limited  Commercial License  option : 

    Proper photo credit ( Photo by: OzanaPhotography.com) is required at all times for this option    

     One time use in local publication $20.00   

     One time use in national or international publication $50.00    

     Three year license for use in national/international publications OR on your web site to promote products, services, facility and/or business. $150.00    

     Three year license for use in national/international publications AND on your web site to promote products, services, facility and/or business. $200.00

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         Ozana Photography, reserves the right to use any photograph in any form including, but not limited to, use in advertising, promotion, reproduction, and copyright. All images are copyrighted by Ozana Photography (even those you purchase). Copying, scanning or reproducing images from disc, this Web site or printed materials without express written consent of Ozana Photography, is strictly prohibited. Prices are subject to change and are non-negotiable. All products and services are subject to sales tax. Due to the custom nature of photography and related products, no refunds will be issued. By hiring Ozana Photography, you agree to these terms.All images are copyrighted © 2017 Ozana Photography